Fit Fest Workout descriptions and standards

Event 1: Double DT

With a 15:00 time cap, teams will perform Double DT

10 rounds for time:

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang power cleans

6 Push jerks

RX: 155/105# barbell    Scaled: 115/75#

This workout begins with 1 partner standing inside of their team’s designated work area. On the call of 3,2,1, GO! the 1st partner will begin, any athlete who reaches for the bar before “GO” will be no repped for their 1st deadlift. Athletes will work one at a time, athletes will tag in/out upon completing 1 full round of DT, following this pattern until all 10 rounds are complete or upon reaching the time cap. The score for this event will be time completed. For teams that don’t complete the workout within the time cap :01 will be added to their score for every uncompleted rep. EX: Team Alpha completes 8 rounds + 12 Dead lifts + 6 hang power cleans when the time cap hits, their score would be 16:03 (there were 63 uncompleted reps).

The non-working athlete will wait outside of their team’s designated work area until the working athlete has completed one full round of DT. Athletes will tag upon switching places. Upon an athlete switch, reps will not be counted until a physical tag has been made, a tag may be made on any part of the body.


This is a traditional deadlift with the hands outside the knees. Sumo deadlifts are not allowed. Starting with the barbell on the floor, the athlete lifts the bar until the hips and knees reach full extension, and the head and shoulders are behind the bar. The arms must be straight throughout. No bouncing. Switch/reverse grip is ok.

Hang Power Clean:

A muscle clean, power clean, or split clean may be used as long as the barbell starts from the hang and comes up to the shoulders, with the hips and knees fully extended, the feet in line and the elbows in front of the bar. The hang is designated as above the knee, high hang or mid hang cleans may be used. For the 1st rep of any set of hang power cleans, the bar must first be dead lifted to full extension, pulling from the floor or from below the knee is not allowed.

Push Jerk:

The bar must travel from the front rack position on the shoulders to a locked out overhead position with elbows, knees and hips fully extended and feet in line with each other. Instead of using your arms to finish the press, you press and dip a second time simultaneously, catching the bar in a partial squat with the arms fully extended overhead. Stand up with arms locked out overhead with elbows, knees and hips fully extended and feet in line with each other. You may not push press or strict press.

Event 2: Fit Fest Fury 10min AMRAP:

Event 2A-


10 Dumbbell Front Squat 45/35 lbs

10 Chest To Bar pull ups

10 Box Step Ups (24/20)


10 Dumbbell Front Squat (35/20)

10 Renegade Rows (35/20)

10 Box Jumps (24/20) -step ups ok

Event 2B-

Max Calorie row

Both partners will be working at the same time, one partner will start on 2A, the other on 2B, partners will switch upon completion of one full round of 2A. The erg monitors will be left to count up for the entirety of the event, athletes who reset their monitors during the 10:00 window will forfeit any calories they accumulated until that point. Partners will tag upon switching places between 2A & 2B, reps for 2A will not count until a tag has been made. This event has two scores, 2A=rounds and reps completed, 2B= total calories rowed.

Dumbbell front squat:

The rep begins from the top, with knees and hips extended and dumbbells on the shoulders. A muscle clean into a squat is allowed, athletes CANNOT squat clean into their 1st rep. There is no requirement to maintain a grip on the dumbbell the entire time. At the bottom of the squat, the hip crease must pass below the knees. At the top, the hips and knees must be fully extended.

Chest to bar pull up:

Strict, kipping, or butterfly chest to bar pull-ups are allowed. The arms must be fully extended at the bottom, with feet off the ground. Overhand, underhand or mixed grip are all permitted. At the top, the chest must clearly come into contact with the bar below the collarbone. Athletes may wear hand protection such as gloves or gymnastics grips, however athletes may not tape their bars. Boxes, plates, or j-hooks will be available to help shorter athletes reach the bar.

Box jump:

This is a two-foot jump onto the box. The hips and knees must open fully while in control on top of the box. You may jump or step down.

Box Step Ups (scaled) must finish with both feet on the box and hips fully extended before stepping back down.

Calorie row:

The athlete who begins with 2B must remain seated with the arms down at their sides until the call of 3,2,1, Go!

Renegade Row (scaled):

Assume a push-up position with your hands just outside shoulder-width, gripping two dumbbells. Your feet should be in line with your hands, and your body should be straight from head to heels. Keeping your core braced and elbow tucked, bring the dumbbell in your right hand to your ribs. Resist rotating your body. The only parts of you that should be moving is your arm and shoulder.Lower the right dumbbell to the floor and repeat with the left one. Continue alternating sides. One rep is right plus left. You can think of this as doing “twenty” total reps.

Event 3: Synchro Final

With an 8:00 running clock, athletes will perform:


30 Sync Bar Facing Burpees

50 Handstand push ups

With the time remaining, the team will do an AMRAP of Power Snatches (115/80)


30 Sync Bar Facing Burpees

30 Hand release push ups

With the time remaining, the team will do an AMRAP of Power Snatches (85/65)

Both partners begin the workout with the synchro bar facing burpees. Partners will work one at a time for the Handstand push ups & power snatches. The score for this event will be total reps completed within the time cap. Tagging in and out is not required for this event.

Synchronized Bar Facing Burpee:

Each burpee must be performed perpendicular to and facing the barbell. The athletes will jump the feet back so that they are lying with their chests & thighs on the ground. Partners must have their chests on the floor at the same time, athletes may not have their head over the bar. For RX divisions, athletes must move both feet back & forth at the same time in the burpee, Scaled divisions may step in & out of their burpees. Athletes must jump over the barbell from both feet & land on both feet. Single-legged jumping or stepping over is only permitted for Scaled divisions. The rep ends when athletes land both their feet on the opposite side of the barbell. Before starting the next rep, the athlete must again be facing the barbell.

Handstand Push Up:

Prior to starting, each athlete will need measure half of the distance between their elbow and middle knuckle while making a fist. Standing against the wall with heels touching and feet hips distance apart, measure the first distance above the head line. Use chalk or tape to mark this line. The heels of the feet must pass this line every repetition. At the bottom of the rep, the head and palms must be in line. Kipping is allowed.

Power Snatch:

The barbell begins on the ground and must be lifted overhead in one smooth motion. Touch-and-go is permitted. No bouncing or dropping and catching the barbell on the rebound. Once dropped the barbell must settle on the ground before the athlete begins the next repetition. No part of the body other than the feet may touch the ground during the rep. The barbell must come to full lockout overhead with the hips, knees and arms fully extended, and the bar directly over the middle of the body. The bar may not come in contact with the shoulders or the head/neck on the way up. A power snatch, muscle snatch, or split snatch is permitted, so long as all requirements are met, squat snatches are not allowed.

Hand Release Push Up (scaled):

A straight body position must be maintained throughout the push up. No snaking, sagging, or pushing up from the knees is allowed. the elbow must be locked out at the top with the feet no wider than shoulder width. At the bottom, the chest (nipple line or above) must touch the floor and the hands must be lifted.

Event 4: Floater WOD:

Max time axle bar deadlift hold

RX: 185/130#   Scaled: 135/95#

Teams will select one of their partners to complete this event. Time will begin once the athlete reaches full extension to the top of a conventional stance deadlift, switch grip is ok, the use of straps is not permitted. Time will end if the barbell is dropped, or when the athletes fails to maintain full extension.

Heat I

Double D.T. 

Each member must complete a full round before passing to his/her partner

10 Rounds For Time 

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerk

RX: 155/105lbs

SCALED: 115/75lbs

Heat II

Fit Fest Fury



Partner A

10 Dumbbell Front Squat

RX: 45/35 lbs

SCALED: 35/20lbs

10 Chest To Bar

10 Box Jumps (24/20)

Partner B

Will Row For Max Calories

Partners will alternate full rounds. The partner who is not performing the triplet will be rowing for maximum calorie row. This event will have 2 scores, 1 for the triplet and 1 for the maximum calorie row

Heat III

Synchro Final 

With an 8:00 running clock, athletes will perform:

35 Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees

35 HSPU's

With the time remaining time the team will do an AMRAP

Power Snatch for Max Repetitions

RX 115/80

SCALED 85/65 for Max Repetitions

Partners must have their chest on the floor at the same time to initiate each burpee. Partners must be in the lockout position at the start & finish of each HSPU rep. Partners will work one at a time on the power snatches, and may switch in & out as they see fit.

Heat IV

Coming Soon.....